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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu, Salt, Spiritual Magnetism, Prayer

The swine flu from Mexico has caught our attention for airborne diseases are contagious and can spread quickly. There are four elements that surround us; fire, air, water, earth and this swine flu being airborne is a property of air. As I watched the reports of this case on television, the substance that comes to my mind is salt or hallowed salt.

The scientific formula for salt is Sodium Chloride, NaCl; these two major components of chloride and sodium ions are necessary for the survival of all living creatures including human beings. The chlorine counterpart in salt is a purifying and cleansing agent that is often found in tap water and kills the bacteria and germs within the water that we drink. If a human being takes in a large quantity of chlorine, it will certainly kill the individual and this is the case of bacteria within liquids as they attempt to feed on the liquid chlorine. A human being is a large organism so even though we can survive the intake of chlorine in salt at a certain quantity, that same amount kills bacteria. No matter what the swine flu may seem it be, it is basically a germ of some kind which most likely will not survive chlorine. Salt as used in food, salted peanuts and other salted ingredients that we eat normally may be a remdy to this swine flu. Certain kinds of illness sometimes carry with them a spiritual disease counterpart and in that case, hallowed salt is recommended. I will explain what I mean by hallowed salt by discussing spiritual magnetism and prayer.

Prayer is a form of spiritual magnetism that draws to the individual their desires and wishes. But do ordinary words spoken eloquently as prayer always have this spiritual magnetic property or like a piece of iron it has to be magnetized by something else? Prayer as words spoken or written is man’s way of asking for a divine intervention on our behalf but words are mere words when spoken without it being charged with divine power.

To clarify this statement, the earth and everything in nature was once spiritual substance that has become matter. Matter in its original state was once spiritual substance hence inherent within matter is a substance of divinity. For example water in its natural state is ordinary water with a dormant property of spiritual magnetic property within. This spiritual magnetic quality of water awakens when the water is prayed over and it becomes what is known as holy water. In the language of the Seven Hebrew Gods and the Seven African gods, the soul within the cowries is awakened by prayer. But what is it in prayer that causes the water to become holy water? The answer is in the first line of the Lord’s prayer which reads “Our father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name”. In this line is the key that transforms an ordinary physical object to a holy object for the name of God is holy.
When a person is praying the sound coming out of the mouth of the person is actually air, and when the names of God are called out of the mouth mingled with the air out of the air, it hallows the air which makes contact with the water, and then transforms the water into holy water.

Within human beings is the divine spark of the fire of God; and when the names of God are called out sincerely the divine fire within a human being comes out through the mouth and breath that mingles with the air of the mouth to charge the object it makes contact with. When an object is made holy, like holy water it acquires a spiritual magnetic property that draws spiritual entities like angels into the water or object. The divine names of God have in them a natural state of spiritual magnetic property and when they are spoken or written in a language of angels over an object draws angelic beings, spirits and elementals to the object with a magnetic pull.

This process of charging water with prayer is applicable to any object in nature whether it is an orange, herb, salt, or any creature of the earth. Hallowed salt is salt that has been prayed over just as holy water is water that has been prayed over. Hallowed salt is a very effective substance of the earth that when mingled with food not only cleanses and kills bacteria in a physical sense but also banishes evil spirits that may have contaminated an object.

Ken Nunoo

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